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Reservation Center
phone: +420 257 216 542, gsm: +420 602 215 788, +420 604 238 191
e-mail: dispecink@acl.cz, fax: +420 257 215 990


Austrian Chauffeur Limousines operates a top-notch Reservations Center that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With one phone call, facsimile transmission or e-mail message to dispecink@acl.cz, we can arrange ground transportation anywhere in the world and provide a written confirmation as soon as possible. Our reservations clerks and dispatchers are trained to accommodate tight schedules and last minute changes.

Austrian Chauffeur Limousines provides prompt and responsive service and ensures that our quality standards are maintained every step of the way.

Austrian Chauffeur Limousines invites you to experience our brand of service of the new millennium.

ON-LINE Reservations